We Are Innovative

Our methodology is unlike anything else out there. We at Marie Lumiere approach every project from several angles to deliver the best possible result. Your Brand will stand out and claim the recognition it deserves. We use psychology, graphic artistry, and technology in our ever-growing arsenal of minds and tools.


Our Process Is All About Structure:

  • We listen to your story
  • We come up with a concept
  • We break it down into detailed steps and create a blueprint for designing and building your product

We make sure details don’t escape our sight. We keep them documented. We like to hear your input throughout the entire process, but we can easily let you relax and focus on your vision while we do the heavy lifting. And we can do some serious power lifting because we enjoy every minute of it!

What we DO:

  • We create magnificent mobile responsive websites that function to your customers’ delight and convenience.
  • We design and build iOS and Android Applications. Have an idea that you’ve always wanted to realize, yet something has been stopping you? Let us be your team! Magic happens when brilliant minds collaborate.
  • We create an image for your Brand, one that speaks directly to your clients’ and customers’ psyche. Yes, we’re that good.
  • We expand your brand’s image through Social Media presence and SEO (Search Engine Optimization), so your devoted followers know who you are, what you do, and where to find you. Some may call it ‘stalking,’ we call it social awareness.

What We DON’T do:

  • Make promises we don’t intend to keep. If we can’t do it, we’ll tell you straight away. We value your time, and ours too.
  • Stall you. We’re completely transparent with our clients on where we’re at. We keep several lines of communication constantly open. We know that every project is someone’s brainchild, and it’s part of our job to keep you updated on your kid’s well-being.
  • Make websites that are not mobile responsive. We have done them for less demanding clients, but we have decided to leave non-responsive work in the past and wouldn’t recommend anyone to have a website that doesn’t recognize mobile dominance.

Ready to see us in action?

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