Web and Mobile App Design Trends in 2017. Acidic and Personal.

Whether you like it or not, bold, loud rainbow is what inspires audiences this year. Forget about subdued and gentle. With brand competition skyrocketing and users’ attention span narrowing by the second, web and mobile app designers create products that are bright and saturated. If you want to create memorable graphics, think about mixing Instagram with The Beatles’ Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.

Stock Photos are Out. Real Pictures are In.

Don’t you just hate those lifeless, generic stock images that Forbes likes to include in their articles? If you do, you’re not the only one. The users have spoken: they despise stock images, sorry, Shutterstock and iStock. You better get creative and personal if you want to connect with your audience. Individualism is on the rise, and the more you’re able to resonate with customers’ longing to be different and accepted, the more you need to empathies with what your target audience likes to see from you, especially if you want them to come back and see you again.

Black and White Colors are Out. Rainbow is In.

Remember the uproar caused by Instagram’s redesigned logo last year? It lasted 5 minutes. Regardless – or maybe in spite of – the current political events and global distress, people crave fun colors. And not any particular ones, they want the whole bright rainbow of them. Designers no longer avoid mixing most vivid hues and not matching them. Typography is following suit as well. Clients are requesting custom hand-drown icons and cartoons, thank you, Snapchat.

Think of it this way, if your product had only 4 seconds to appeal to your customer, how would you tell your story without losing your audience? Time to get creative!

images: www.aucore.com, www.canadathecolorvide.com

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