The Heart Wants What it Wants: First Secret to Great Design


What makes a good design great? Is it the form, the color, the light? What is that certain something that makes one stop and be entirely engulfed in the experience?


The answer is not in a form. There is no secret recipe, but a skillful manipulation of the consumer’s feelings.


Humans are wired to react on their impulses. Our impulses are triggered by our instant emotions. And those who can look right into the core of the emotional connection to the product or the service win the consumer’s heart.


When we create a product, we should not just focus on its symmetry and its color palette. Those are given and should be present in any design. But as one wise man once said, “we will always remember how someone made us feel”, we can certainly paraphrase and say that we will always remember how something made us feel. The positive emotional response is the foundation of exceptional design.


Here is a great TED talk by Richard Seymour on how our perception of beauty is connected to our emotional state and through that to our esthetic response to design.

In my next post I’ll reveal the Second Secret to Great Design. Stay tuned.

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