Social Media For My Business?

In this age of technological progress, and sometimes annoyance, having digital presence is equal to being in Yellow Pages in the 90s.

We shop online, make travel and restaurant reservations online, we keep in touch with our distant and close relatives and friends online, we even shop for a potential romantic partner online (thanks, Tinder). No matter how much we may dislike the idea of making our lives digital, the future is definitely here, and if you’re not on Facebook you’re most likely not part of it.

Being plugged in to the virtual reality, we don’t only want to stay in touch with our friends and reconnect with our past flames and classmates, we also want to stand out personally, we want to present our personal brand in the best possible light. That may mostly serve our ego and fit certain social expectations, but when it comes to business, being visible to your potential clients, having another line of communication with your loyal customers, and providing your followers with updates on your brand’s events and activities is crucial.

The trick is being able to communicate with your customers through Social Media, and while anybody can create a Facebook or an Instagram account, only very few can engage their audience in a fun and substantial dialog that results in further leads, continues business, and strong reputation.

So whenever you ask yourself a very important question “Do I even need Social Media for my business?” instead ask: “How do I connect with my Target Audience?” That’s where real sorcery of psychology, data collection, and understanding your customer resides.


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